Responsive Web Design

What is responsive design? Why do you need it?

Responsive web design (RWD) is the process of creating your website so that regardless what screen size a visitor is using your website will respond to look great and self adjust to the screen. RWD is adopted early into the design process and implemented into every web design project.

The Web Design of Today

The responsive web design "The Design of Today" could not have come at a better time, with more users using mobile devices than any other source. Optimum Designs uses current coding standards, CSS3 media queries with fully proportional design proportions to adapt your websites viewing environment. It also allows images to flex to a fitting size. As a result, users across the broad range of available devices and browsers will enjoy a much more friendly user experience, allowing for maximum conversion with optimum user interfaces, moulded for specific devices.


Optimum Designs builds platforms that allow companies to articulate their corporate culture and embrace customer interaction. By transforming analytics and digital insights into measurable web design, we simplify experiences and create meaningful brand strategy.

Responsive Web Design

Should My Website Be Responsive?

Simply put...yes. Responsive web design is the present and future of creating fantastic user experience. The user experience is one of the key foundations for building conversation rates, which in turn helps your business grow. This design strategy is now expected from your audience and without it you may be losing valuable customers.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

The benefits associated with responsive design have numerous advantages to your business. A responsive website will be ranked higher in search engines, which will be beneficial to obtain more customers and attract traffic. Your website's traffic will be presented with well-flowing presentation and navigation to point them in their direction of interest, without the frustration. Our design company focuses on mobile-first design strategies, which is a part of responsive design. Mobile presentation is emphasized and thought of first due to the increasingly high number of mobile internet users.

Let's Make Your Website Responsive

New website design projects will be created with responsive design.

Between the benefits of responsive design and the vast number of growing devices in our world, responsive design is essentially a required element. Websites that are not designed in a responsive format are penalized in terms of SEO and the user entering your site. They will leave your site, crippling its performance.
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